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ONNI is 6 perfectly coordinated hair care products: serum, shampoo, conditioner, mask, hair oil and heat protection, which visibly improve volume, density, quality and hair growth when used daily. Sustainably manufactured in Germany

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Questions and answers about ONNI Organic Hair Growth products

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Here you will only find general questions and answers about ONNI

What can ONNI do?

ONNI are four perfectly coordinated hair care products: serum, shampoo, conditioner and mask, which visibly improve volume, density, quality and hair growth with daily use. The hair becomes stronger, its growth phase is extended and hair loss is reduced.

ONNI is not magic, but a smart recipe of highly effective, natural and organic ingredients.

Don't panic, it's organic: That's the principle of ONNI. Only natural, healthy and organic ingredients make it into our recipes. That's more than a promise - it's an affair of the heart for the team.

With extensions, do I have to be careful when applying the products that they don't get on the tapes or bondings?

No, you don't have to be careful. The products are ideal for all extension wearers because they optimally strengthen your own hair and give more volume at the roots. And since no silicone or other plastics are used, the tapes or bondings do not come loose either.

Does ONNI use Sodium Benzoate?

No, we deliberately do not use sodium benzoates. Sodium benzoates are officially approved additives found in cosmetics and food. As studies point to various health hazards, there is a recommended upper limit that should not be exceeded: 5 mg per kg of body weight per day.

Nobody needs chemical additives, only the manufacturer to make products durable and reduce costs. Many natural cosmetic products show that you can also do without – but not all. Because sodium benzoate can also be used in natural cosmetics: So it's worth taking a close look.. Utopia.de and many other sources on the Internet write that studies have shown that sodium benzoate is suspected of being carcinogenic. The sources go on to say that sodium benzoates can cause allergic reactions. People who are also allergic to aspirin and salicylic acid or who have asthma are particularly affected. According to these sources, further studies have also shown that the substance can affect the nervous system and cause ADHD symptoms.

Does ONNI use silicone or other plastics such as polyquaternium etc?

No, we do not use silicones or similar ingredients. Silicones are plastics derived from petroleum, so-called polymers. Because they have a relatively large molecular structure, they have a sealing, sealing effect. This means that they form a fine layer around each individual hair and thus smooth out dead skin cells. This reflects the light better, providing a healthy shine and silky smooth feel. Silicones themselves are not harmful in shampoos and the like, the problem is that over time layer after layer of silicone builds up on the hair. This so-called "build-up effect" sticks the hair together, making it appear weak, tired and heavy.

Silicones also damage the scalp. The scalp is an important detoxification organ, but when it is sealed with silicone, sweat and pollutants can no longer be excreted through the pores.

The result: an itchy, irritated, burning scalp that tends to dandruff. And without a healthy scalp, there is no healthy hair!

Another problem is that silicones are not degradable or only very difficult to degrade. Every time you wash your hair, a small part of the plastic ends up in the waste water and thus in the ecological cycle - where, of course, they don't belong. Even the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) points out possible dangers from silicones.

What exactly makes ONNI different from other products?

ONNI is organic! Without silicones, parabens, hormones, hormone-altering agents, and sodium benzoate. The hair is still ultra supple, super combable, conjures up the perfect root volume, makes the hair easy to grip and has been proven to promote hair growth.

Are ONNI products also suitable for seborrheic dermatitis?

The arnica and aloe vera contained in the serum definitely relieve the red and scaly areas - since alcohol was almost completely avoided, the scalp is neither irritated nor dried out.

I have severe hair loss - what can I do?

In the case of severe hair loss, please use the serum daily, preferably in the morning and evening. It is non-greasy but initially leaves a wet trail due to the aloe vera used in the serum. This will disappear by itself after a few minutes or you can blow-dry the roots briefly. The serum can be used both wet and dry. Please also use it if you haven't washed your hair – you will generally notice that you don't have to wash your hair as often with ONNI.

When washing your hair, apply shampoo and conditioner to the scalp and lengths, massage in well and leave the mask on for 20 minutes once a week. You can use the mask on dry hair before washing your hair, but of course also on wet hair. The main thing is that you let it work well on the scalp. After a few weeks you will notice that new hair is growing and the hair loss has disappeared or has definitely decreased significantly.

How much ONNI product do I take and how often?

This varies depending on hair length and hair density. If you have long hair, please use at least a walnut-sized portion. You will notice that with ONNI you have to wash your hair less often and the hairstyle lasts longer.

Do I need additional products for ONNI?

I definitely recommend heat protection when using straighteners or curling irons.

Is in ONNI shampoo, ONNI Conditioner, ONNI Mask, ONNI Do serums contain alcohol?

In the growth complex Follicusan® we use a very small amount of alcohol as a solution. In addition, no alcohol is used - it dries out the scalp and thus inhibits healthy growth.

Is ONNI packaging recycled?

Yes, the labels are made of stone paper, for which no tree is felled and not a drop of water flows. The bottles are made from recycled plastic. And we've used plus sizes to save on junk as they need to be bought less often. The small travel or trial sizes are sent in a compostable plastic bag - perfect for hand luggage.

Why do so many companies still use chemical and synthetic ingredients?

Unfortunately, it is the case that chemical and synthetic ingredients initially achieve good, if only deceptive, immediate effects - and of course they are also cheaper than natural and biological substances.