Stephanie Wirnshofer

The founder of ONNI

About ONNI: The Story

Hair has always played a big role in my life. Probably because I never really had many.

Sometimes it was due to too much hydrogen during dyeing and the hair broke. Once I tried to create a mane with extensions, which ended in complete hair loss.

So I gave up any hair styling for a few years and wore my troubled hair tightly pulled into a bun, until one day I decided to develop my own hair range with a hairdresser

They say you can become an expert at anything in 10,000 hours. Hair was my topic for six years. I learned everything about her.

Although I parted with the hair range, I didn't part with my new, really great know-how. And certainly not about my passion for beautiful, healthy hair.

I also learned something else during my time as a shampoo newcomer expert: how many additives are hidden in our food, care products, actually everywhere. Nobody would knowingly eat or use such substances voluntarily. But the industry has its tricks and that bothered me a lot.

So I was quickly back in developer mode - I decided to develop the perfect healthy yet ultra effective products for myself.

Don't panic, it's organic was my claim.

Hair care with a sensational effect, with purely natural and organic ingredients, that was my goal from now on.

I finally found - and it was definitely not easy - a chemist from Austria, a real nature lover and a pharmacist from Cuba, both of whom strictly reject any chemistry.

So accomplices to my philosophy of only using natural ingredients

We tested and tested. My family, friends and acquaintances tested and tested. Until hair grew and became thicker. Until manes shone and looked healthier. ONNI was born.

ONNI doesn't need more than four perfect hair products.

You make everyone happier

  • who are not naturally blessed with a full mane and want more hair
  • who notice that their hair is becoming less or thinner as they get older (unfortunately this usually starts after the age of 30) and want to balance it out
  • who want starting volume
  • who generally want more volume
  • who want a healthy scalp
  • who suffer from hair loss
  • Pregnant women or women in menopause to counteract hormonal hair loss
  • who want to take preventative care to preserve their hair.

I presented the products in the top hair salons. The result was convincing. All hairdressers immediately added the products to their range.

I would be happy if I could help you to be or stay satisfied with your hair.

However, I gave myself the most beautiful gift - I am happy every day when I see my full head of hair in the mirror.
and know no need to panic, because it is all organic

The video with Stefanie Wirnshofer about the use of ONNI products