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The “ONNI EFFECT” with ONNI Organic Luxury Haircare

Stefanie Wirnshofer

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Stephanie Wirnshofer

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ONNI Organic Luxury Haircare – These are 6 perfectly coordinated hair care products.

Serum , shampoo , conditioner , mask , hair oil and heat protectant
which visibly improve volume, density, hair growth and quality when used daily. Hair becomes stronger, its growth phase is extended and hair loss is reduced. Irritated, itchy scalp and dandruff disappear. ONNI is not magic - but a smart recipe of highly effective, natural and organic ingredients. Reviews from our customers > Read reviews now

Stefanie Wirnshofer, die Gründerin von ONNI

ONNI® - ORGANIC LUXURY HAIRCARE by Stefanie Wirnshofer

  • The effectiveness of the hair growth active ingredient has been proven in studies.
  • Dermatologically tested with very good.
  • Contains natural and organic ingredients.
  • All valuable ingredients are used in the greatest possible dosage.
  • Without silicones, parabens, dyes, plastics, hormones or hormone-altering agents.
  • Recycled materials were used in the packaging.
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Stefanie Wirnshofer and Boris Entrup at the product launch in 2021




That's what the heroine of the cult series Fleabag says when she explains to a hairdresser how our hair affects our lives. And she's right! Even Yale University has dedicated a study to the subject, according to which self-confidence drops sharply on a bad hair day. According to the scientists, ill-fitting hair increases social insecurity and self-doubt. According to a survey by Apotheken Umschau, at least every sixth woman and every second man is dissatisfied with their own hair structure. No wonder, because the abundance of hair in women decreases rapidly from the age of 40 at the latest, and in men even from the age of 25.
Of course there are more important things than hair. But that's no reason not to fully exploit your hair's potential. Because hair is a symbol of youthfulness, health and attractiveness.

For precisely these reasons, a team of experts developed ONNI. It doesn't change your life. But it makes your life better. With power packs for hair roots and scalp, which act where the hair originates.
The goal: better hair, better mood.


This is the principle of Onni. Only natural, healthy and organic ingredients make it into our recipes. That's more than a promise - it's an affair of the heart for the team. Just like the sustainability of the packaging. This is made from recycled plastic and plus sizes are there to avoid waste. During production, fair working conditions and environmental friendliness are also taken into account.


Use the Hairgrowth Mask once or twice a week.
Leave on dry hair and scalp, rinse out after 20 minutes (can also be used on wet hair).
Then use the Hairgrowth Shampoo.
Apply to damp hair and scalp, massage in and rinse thoroughly.
Repeat if necessary.
After washing your hair and depending on the length of your hair, apply two to three pumps of the Hairgrowth Conditioner to the scalp, lengths and ends and rinse carefully after a short exposure time. The Hairgrowth Conditioner can also be used as a leave-in product for extremely damaged hair. Then comb your hair thoroughly.
The Hairgrowth Serum can be applied to both dry and wet hair, either parted or on the scalp (it is non-greasy). The hair can then be styled as usual.
For best results, we recommend using the Hairgrowth Serum daily.


ONNI means happiness and ONNI makes everyone happier,

who are not naturally gifted with a full mane and wish for more hair.
who notice that their hair is getting thinner or thinner as they get older (unfortunately, this usually starts after the age of 30) and want to balance it out.
who want batch volume.
who generally want more volume.
who want a healthy scalp.
who suffer from hair loss.
Pregnant or menopausal women to counteract hormonal hair loss.
who want to preventively take care of the preservation of their hair.

How does ONNI do that? Because our products work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The four coordinated products continuously revitalize the cells of the scalp, activate the metabolism and improve damaged hair. They fight inflammation on the scalp and prevent rapid greasing.

With daily use, ONNI visibly improves volume, density, hair growth and quality. Hair becomes stronger, its growth phase is extended, hair loss is reduced and even dandruff is reduced.


ONNI is not magic, but a smart recipe of highly effective, natural and organic ingredients.
Castor oil is high in omega-9 fatty acids. Together with the tested active ingredient Follicusan and caffeine, it nourishes hair growth.
Aloe vera extract moisturizes dry hair and scalp together with glycerin and vitamin B5. The herbal wonder weapon aloe vera also gives the hair strength and natural shine and contains revitalizing vitamins and minerals, including vitamins C, E, zinc and magnesium.
Papaya extract strengthens the hair, arnica extract cares for severely damaged hair and the scalp, gently detangles the hair and prevents split ends.
Oatmeal provides fullness and protects the hair against external influences. Lemon peel extract provides a natural shine and soy and coconut extract ensure easy combing and extra volume.
Squalane protects the hair from drying out and prevents brittle hair ends. It makes the hair supple without weighing it down.

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