FAQ: ONNI SENSITIVE Organic Hair Growth Shampoo

Organic Hair Growth Shampoo: Questions and Answers

How do I use ONNI Shampoo?

We at ONNI and also hair stylists such as George Northwood , who already took care of the hair of Meghan Markle , Alexa Chung , Alicia Vikander andRosie Huntington-Whiteley are big proponents of shampooing twice. Use a dime-sized dollop for the first wash to wash away external buildup, rinse and then shampoo thoroughly for a second wash with a walnut-sized portion (depending on length) to deeply cleanse scalp and hair.

Do you use sulfates for the ONNI shampoo?

Yes, because we wanted a shampoo that foams. But we used a very mild coconut-derived surfactant, which is used in many certified organic shampoos, and only in the smallest usable amount. Not to be confused or compared with conventional surfactants such as sodium laureth or lauryl sulfate, which are mostly made from petroleum derivatives.

Can ONNI Shampoo products be tested?

Yes, there are extra small travel sizes to try out the products.

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