FAQ: ONNI Organic Kids Vitamin Haircare

ONNI children's shampoo Organic Kids Vitamin Haircare: questions and answers

How do I use the CHILDREN shampoo?

Apply a small amount to damp hair and skin and massage in gently. Then rinse thoroughly with water. If your child has very long and thick hair, you can use the Onni conditioner or the Onni mask afterwards. But actually the shampoo is a 3 in 1 product. It contains shampoo and conditioner and is intended to be used as a shower gel at the same time.

Do you use sulfates in the children's shampoo?

No, it's completely sulfate-free, with the mildest, most skin-friendly ingredients

When and how long should it be used?

We advise babies to only wash their hair with water and then to use shampoo from around one year of age. And it can be used until your child is in their teens. We have adults who like to use it as a 2in1 shampoo after exercise. For all children from around 8 years of age with a lot of or very long hair, we recommend using the Onni conditioner or mask from time to time.

how does it smell

According to children, very tasty, slightly sweet, vanilla - very subtle.