FAQ: ONNI Organic Hair Growth Conditioner

ONNI Organic Hair Growth Conditioner: Questions and Answers

What exactly is a conditioner?

The conditioner is an essential part of hair care. A conditioner - formerly also known as a conditioner - is a care product that is used after washing your hair in damp hair - in our case also on the scalp - without weighing it down (we promise). The shampoo and conditioner should always go hand in hand. The shampoo cleans the hair and opens the cuticle layer. In order for the hair to be protected, the hair structure must be closed again. This is exactly what the conditioner does. It closes the hair surface and protects the hair from harmful effects of the sun, heat or thermostyling. In addition, it makes the hair supple, silky, shiny and elastic. It is protected against hair breakage and is much easier to detangle.

How do I use ONNI Conditioner?

The most important piece of information here is that you really should always use conditioner after shampooing.

The shampoo opens the cuticle of the hair and the conditioner closes it again.

The amount of conditioner should be based on your hair type. If you have very fine hair, you can only use a little conditioner. Apply a small amount to scalp and lengths, then detangle hair well with hands. The good news is that our conditioner doesn't weigh hair down.

If you have full or heavily damaged hair, you should definitely use a lot of conditioner.

It also helps to wring your hair well before applying conditioner, as excess water will only dilute the product. And apply it especially to the ends if you've had balayage or your hair is a little split and in need of a trim.

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