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ONNI in the press - TZ Munich: How a hair drama had a happy ending

Stefanie Wirnshofer presents her 100 percent organic care series with star hairdressers

A bad hair day, limp, ill-fitting hair can mess you up - women know it. And it gets even worse when you indiscriminately resort to styling products, which are often enough chemical cocktails. Munich's former PR lady Stefanie Wirnshofer has spent most of her life with bad hair days, as fine and thin as her hair is. How didn't she mess that up! When hair is everything to them. She has never found a satisfactory answer from the care industry. "I learned that they have their tricks everywhere - with silicones and parabens. At some point I thought to myself, I'll take matters into my own hands, find something that's only healthy on the head. It was very difficult to find a chemist who would do that to me." She even sold her company for it, her suffering was so great. Stefanie Wirnshofer put all her money into a 100 percent natural series called Onni - which means something like luck, because it is lucky when the hair shines and even grows faster.Star-Figaro Boris Entrup from Hamburg and his former boss Thomas Kemper from Munich have the product series full of shampoo, conditioner, serum and mask convinced, which is why they invited prominent women to an introductory cocktail on Wednesday evening - and to wash their heads, because the scent alone is irresistible, along with hair grip and, above all, sustainability.Thomas Kemper says: "We too will have to deal more and more intensively with sustainability. Onni feels good , and the hair smells very nice." Also found the Copelands. Adventurer Sebastian and his wife Carolin, a dermatologist, were virtually there live when their friend Steffi Wirnshofer developed the products and loved them right away! As does Charlotte Gräfin von Oeynhausen, who has so far classified her hair in the hopeless category. also dr Nadja Princess of Schaumburg-Lippe has to take good care of her blonde long hair and is always there when it comes to organic products, as are moderators Funda Vanroy and Katja Wunderlich, model Sarah Brandner, jewelery designer Casha Kellermann and art manager Mon Müllerschön.

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