Why did we start Onni?

Stefanie Wirnshofer

Beautiful, healthy hair for happiness and health

More and more people are getting sick around me. You get hair loss, skin rashes or receive bad diagnoses such as B. Cancer. It makes you think whether this has something to do with our food, our care products and everything we eat in general.

Also, nobody can talk about global warming any more. There are so many ingredients like microplastics in our cosmetics that are non-degradable and destroy our environment.

I am a mother and I want to be there for my children as long as possible. I can only do that if I'm healthy and fit. My children should also have the chance to grow up in an intact world.

Hair care that changes the world a little bit

I want to do my bit too.. Since I know my hair and scalp really well, I decided to create the perfect healthy yet ultra effective products. Products that make you beautiful, are only good for our body and still leave as little footprint as possible on our planet.

"Don't panic, it's organic" was my claim.

Hair care with a sensational effect, with purely natural and biological ingredients that are good for us and also for our environment: That was my goal.

I finally found - and it was definitely not easy - a chemist from Austria, a true nature lover, and a pharmacist from Cuba, both of whom strictly reject any form of chemistry. Accomplices in my philosophy of only using natural ingredients that are really good and effective for the hair and scalp.

I looked for regional partners to avoid unnecessary journeys and thus more CO2 emissions. Outer packaging made from recycled plastic with labels made from recycled paper was the most sustainable solution for me.

With ONNI Organic Luxury Haircare, I have realized a matter close to my heart and created a hair care series that really deserves the label "organic" with its natural, biological ingredients. ONNI means happiness, because beautiful, healthy hair makes you happy.

Would you like to learn more about the founding of ONNI? Read the whole story here .

From now on you will find many valuable tips about healthy hair on our blog and Instagram account. We also feature companies that we think are great because they share our values ​​and also make their products more beautiful and happier.

Your Stefanie Wirnshofer

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