FAQ: ONNI Organic Heat Protector

Organic Heat Protector: Questions and Answers

How do I use the Heat Protector?

Spray Heat Protector onto damp or dry hair strands as a base before heat styling. Be sure to shake well beforehand. It can also be used daily as an extra moisturizer.

Do you use alcohol for the heat protector?

No, our Heat Protector is alcohol-free, as alcohol dries out the scalp and would therefore be counterproductive.

We developed it as a 2-phase spray to make it sprayable without alcohol. So please shake well before you use it.

Is the Heat Protector just heat protection?

No, actually it should be called a 4n1 product. It preserves and protects the hair fiber from heat damage. And also really conjures up a lot of volume in the hair and the hairstyle lasts longer. The hair structure improves noticeably. No wonder it was named Best Hair Product 2023 by Freund Magazin.