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Based on 225 reviews
I'm very satisfied.

The best product I've used so far.

No improvement so far

Unfortunately, I can't see any improvement in my hair yet, but it's probably because of my hair

Skeptical - and then fully convinced

The set requires some effort, but the effect is there. Of course, no "mane" will come out of the hair, but it will feel healthier, fuller and look good. And the whole application has something meditative... good for the soul. :-)

Great product - highly recommended

Nice product with a pleasant scent. Your hair feels wonderful.

I'm very satisfied

My hair has become much stronger and I have significantly less hair loss

Great products

The products are just perfect for my hair!!!


I chose ONNI because I attach great importance to natural ingredients.
The orders are uncomplicated via the shop and the delivery of the goods is fast.
The products are easy to use and the consistency and smell are very pleasant. My hair feels healthy and has a nice shine. I can't rate anything about the serum, also against hair loss, because I haven't been using the products for that long.
With the travel sizes, a pump dispenser would be ideal for the conditioner, since the bottle is very hard and the contents are difficult to squeeze out of the bottle. Maybe consider changing that.

If that's true with the ingredients, I'll stick with ONNI.

Organic Hair Growth Conditioner 250ml
Sandra Christophersen-Godau
A great product!

I was very skeptical at first, but my hair really feels fuller and healthier. But since I've only ever had baby fluff in some places, I can't say whether new hair has really grown. Maybe this just needs more time.
The only thing that gives me headaches now is the price 😉

Great products

The best hair products I've ever had. The only minus point is the very proud price.

very good

After a long hair loss, finally get everything under control with the serum. However, the price is really over the top! It's a shame that you still want to get something out of the misery and suffering of some people.



I am extremely satisfied

My hair already feels healthy and strong again after this short time.

Worth its price

Ordered shampoo and mask for the first time. The shampoo smells great and the hair has a great texture afterwards. Not too soft, not too rigid. I tried the mask first. Applying it to dry hair is unusual but doable.

I am very satisfied with the product. My hair has great shine and fullness.

Great products

I love Onni products, especially the hair serum. The scent and the great feeling on the scalp are always fun after washing your hair.

Organic Hair Growth Shampoo 250ml
Christine Brune Schmidt

Feels very good

Everything problem-free


Everything my hair needs

Cleaner than clean. My hair never felt better

Amazing product! Great smell, great feeling

everything great

Leaves a great feeling

The mask is the bomb. I apply it once a week before my morning yoga routine. 20 minutes later it's off to the shower. My scalp feels super fresh after the mask and no longer itches.

I am very satisfied with the serum and the other products, but not with the packaging in the...

The products themselves are great, but the travel-size bottles are so hard that my joints hurt when I squeeze the bottle. You can't get the conditioner out of the cap, you have to unscrew the whole thing to get to the cream As a result, consumption is very high, which is annoying given the price. I know that the larger bottles (not the travel size) are more flexible, but then also significantly more expensive. As I said, I think the products are good, but please think again about the flexibility of the packaging for travel sizes. Greetings from Angie

I'm currently undergoing chemotherapy and only wash my hair every 3 days because that's when it falls out the most. Since I've been working with the shampoo, conditioner and serum, a lot less hair has fallen out. Great👍